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Yorkie-Poo Haircut Styles

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Yorkie-Poos are beautiful lap dogs. They are a crossbreed between a Yorkshire terrier and a poodle. They’re loving, adorable, smart, and full of personality. However, you have to make sure you keep them properly groomed.

And do you know what they say about a good Yorkie-poo haircut? It doesn’t exist; it’s made. Okay, I’m the only one who says that but it’s very true. 

So, in this article, I’ll share the best Yorkie-poo haircut styles. Let’s dive in. 

Cute Yorkie-Poo Haircut Styles

Here are some of my favorite Yorkie-poo hairstyles. 

1. Puppy Cut

Black yorkshire terrier puppy wearing bandana

If you’re looking for something easy that can be maintained at home, the puppy cut is your best shot. It saves you unnecessary trips to the groomer because you can do it at home. 

The puppy cut simply involves trimming all the dog’s hair to around ½ inch, except the hair on their head and face. For a little bit of swag, trim the hair on their face and head, but leave it a little longer (at least 1 inch). 

If you want the puppy cut to be perfect, avoid using human hair clippers because they don’t have enough power. Instead, invest in electric dog clippers because they are sharp enough to easily cut a dog’s hair.

For the puppy cut, ensure you start clipping the hair from your dog’s head and then move on to the rest of the body. This will ensure you’re trimming their hair towards the direction it grows. 

If you want the haircut to last longer, do some little touch-ups with scissors every few weeks to keep the hair even. 

2. Schnauzer Cut

The schnauzer cut is fancy and a bit costly. However, it’s worth the effort and every penny because it makes your Yorkie-poo even more adorable. 

For you to get this cut accurately, you need to start trimming your dog’s hair from neck to tail. The legs, neck, and facial hair should be left longer than other parts. How long the hair needs to be is for you to decide. 

The long hair is popularly referred to as the ‘skirt’.

As I mentioned earlier, this haircut is more costly than other basic dog haircuts since it requires time to get it right. For starters, you’ll require a professional groomer to do the haircut. And later, you’ll need to invest in electric dog clippers to trim your Yorkie-poo’s back every couple of weeks. 

3. Teddy Bear Clip

Yorkie standing on 2 legs in grassy field

This haircut is easier to achieve than a puppy cut, and it’s also cheap maintenance. I love to call it the ‘budget haircut.’ 

All you need to get the teddy bear clip haircut is to trim your dog’s hair ( just like the puppy cut) but leave it a little bit longer, like 2 inches. Make it a little fancy, by ensuring the head hair is a little poofy, to bring out the teddy bear look. 

One precaution to take when giving your dog this haircut is the way you trim the hair near their privates. You want to make sure the hair around their private area is way shorter. This is to ensure the hair doesn’t hold some pee or poop, which can cause bacterial infections. 
The best part of the teddy bear clip is that you don’t need to use an electric dog clipper; you can do it with scissors.

If you decide to go with the teddy bear clip style, ensure you brush your dog’s hair every day because the hair can tangle and mat. 

4. Yorkie-Poo ‘Bad Hair Day’ Style

Who said every day has to be a good hair day? This hairstyle is for days when you and your Yorkie don’t care much about looks. You just let the hair stay shaggy with no haircuts. Your dog will still look adorable. 

If you decide to go with the bad hair day haircut, be sure to brush your dog’s hair every day to avoid mats. Remember, the latter can lead to hair loss, and they’re hard and painful to untangle. 

5. Yorkie-Poo Interview Cut

This idea is absolutely genius. It’s for Yorkie-poos who want to look like they mean business. 

The haircut is nothing complicated, really – it’s similar to the teddy bear cut, but you want to make it less poofy. This haircut is mainly great for male Yorkie-poos. Once your dog gets the haircut, buy them a small tie to complete the interview look. 

6. Yorkie-Poo Curls Haircut

This hairstyle is mainly for Yorkie-poos who have inherited most of their genes from their poodle parent. Since they already have curly hair, you trim it short and let them stay with the short adorable curls. 

Which Haircut is the Best for Your Yorkie-Poo?

There are so many factors that consider when deciding the best haircut for your Yorkie-poo. One is your budget –  if you’re willing to pay the groomer, you get a bit of flexibility for the haircuts you can get. 

The second factor is the season; for instance, a teddy bear clip may be uncomfortable for your dog during the summer.

Lastly, your dog’s hair texture should act as a guide. Certain styles look better on curly dogs and other styles work better for dogs with straight hair.

Final Words

Yorkie-poos are naturally cute. However, you can always elevate their beauty by giving them a nice hairstyle.

Never shy away from investing in a good haircut for your Yorkie and even accessorizing it!

What is your favorite Yorkie poo haircut from my list? Please share in the comment section. 

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