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8 Reasons To Get A Yorkshire Terrier

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Are you considering getting a Yorkshire terrier? While they are not the right dog for everyone, they are the perfect dog for others. Here are some reasons to get a Yorkie:

1. They are full of personality.

Described as “sprightly” and “tomboyish” by the American Kennel Club (AKC), Yorkies are a lively little dog who will keep you entertained. Any parent of these pups will tell you that there is no friend like a Yorkie!

2. They have a long lifespan.

Ask any dog owner what their top complaint about their dogs is, and at least one will tell you that they don’t live long enough. When you share your life with a dog, the bond is very special, so you want to have them in your life as long as possible.

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), Yorkies can live 11 to 15 years (and some live longer than that) which means with proper care, you and your family could enjoy many years of companionship with your Yorkie.

However, this long life span also means that you should carefully consider getting a Yorkie. If you are unsure if you can provide a lifelong home for a dog with such a long life span, you should consider other pets.

Life can throw many changes your way; you must be willing to do what you need to do to keep your Yorkie and care for him or her through the different chapters of your life. It is emotionally difficult for affectionate dogs such as the Yorkie to be separated from their family.

yorkie puppy eating from yellow dog food bowl

3. They are inexpensive to own.

Of course, certain dogs might develop medical conditions which would add extra veterinary bills, but in general, smaller dogs are the least expensive to own.

Due to the Yorkshire terrier being one of the smallest breeds of dogs, Yorkies cost less to own because they require the smallest amount of supplies and they eat less than larger dogs.

However, Yorkies do have the added cost of grooming bills that other dogs do not have. That said, if you compare a small dog’s grooming bill against the cost of owning a larger dog, the small dog is still less expensive.

4. Their grooming needs may be therapeutic.

Some pet parents find bathing and brushing their Yorkie to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Brushing my Yorkies every day is very relaxing for me and for my dogs too. It’s also a bonding experience.

Grooming a dog is not like a spa day for humans; failing to properly groom your Yorkie can have an adverse impact on their health, such as a matted coat and/or paw injuries from untrimmed nails.

However, others do not enjoy grooming so they may choose to utilize a professional groomer, and will need to be prepared to take on this expense.

One consideration that makes a Yorkie more expensive than the other most popular small breed, the Chihuahua, is that they have grooming expenses associated with their coats that smooth-coated breeds such as the Chihuahua do not have.

For reference, a dog grooming bill is comparable in cost to a human’s haircut bill. If this makes you balk, remember, a dog groomer has their hands full! Dogs may attempt to bite or hump their groomer, and they may struggle during their haircut.

They receive a full body bath, a nail trim, and sometimes teeth brushing too. That’s combining a haircut, a full body massage, a manicure and pedicure, and a dentist appointment in one!

Of course, if you are comfortable learning to groom your Yorkie yourself, you can save money by grooming your pup at home.

5. They are affectionate with their families.

Described by the American Kennel Club (AKC) as affectionate and good with children, when socialization and training are a priority with their owners, this breed makes a truly wonderful companion.

6. Their small size makes them easy to bring everywhere.

If you want to bring your dog with you to as many places as you can, a petite pooch is the best choice. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), Yorkshire terriers bred to the breed standard should weigh 7 pounds. A pet-quality Yorkie may weigh slightly more or less than 7 pounds. A dog under 10 pounds is extremely transportable.

That makes them easy to carry in a bag, ideal for everything from adventures around town or riding with you on an airplane.

Bonus – if you can bring your pup with you, you save money from having to arrange for a pet sitter!

Yorkshire terrier wearing harness in grass

7. They will keep you active but do not bounce off the walls.

Even though Yorkies are small, all dogs require some exercise. By having a dog to exercise you have the motivation to be active – but many high-energy breeds have way more energy than the average person with a 9-5 job is prepared to fulfill.

Due to their short legs, a short stroll around the neighborhood, plus playtime throughout the day, satisfies them. This low-impact exercise helps you stay healthy too!

8. They will help you make friends.

As a very affectionate breed, the average well-socialized Yorkie is always ready to meet new people. By extension, you will meet the people your Yorkie greets. Before you know it, you will have acquaintances everywhere you frequent who know your dog!

Yorkie wearing red polka dot harness


Yorkies are affectionate and full of personality. They will help you make friends and keep you active. If you are ready to fulfill their grooming needs and care for a dog for approximately 15 years, continue searching for a Yorkie to add to your family!

Can you think of any additional reasons why Yorkies are a wonderful breed to have as your canine companion? Share in the comments and I’ll add it to the list.

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Cathy Bendzunas

Dog Blogger, Former Dog Groomer

I have adored Yorkies for well over 50 years. As a young adult, I began to show and breed them. Now, I just write about them and have several in my little pack of small dogs.

I have had dogs all my life and have trained as a dog groomer. I also have been a kennel worker, worked in a pet hotel through PetSmart, and still am a pet sitter.

Check out my bio for more information about me.

Magdaline Jackson

Thursday 24th of August 2023

I'm a first time Yorkie mamma. I used to have Cocker Spaniels but suffered a devastating loss over a year ago. I love my Yorkie. He will be 1 year old next month on the 20th. We had a lot of funny moments with him since he was only 3 months old. He appears to be such an escape artist. One of the moments was when he jumped over the barriers we set up for him. My only regret is that we didn't have a camera/video recorder for those cute moments. He slept in our bedroom in a cot and that cot/playpen couldn't keep him in. We finally gave up and let him sleep in our bed. He never had an accident on our bed but would go to our bathroom where we have some training pads. It took a while with potty training. Even though he knows where his potty area is he still every now and will go in off-limit areas which I think he is doing it to spite me. But he is awfully cute and so loveable. PS! He did make an escape once chasing a bird. I was on the front porch and didn't know that he could get through the railing. I was so scared but didn't chase him and just walked behind him. Luckily a neighbor came out, called his name and he got so scared and he just ran back home. That's all for now. Magdaline and my little "Andy".

Cathy Bendzunas

Thursday 24th of August 2023

I loved hearing about your little Andy! He sounds like a character. I had a cocker spaniel as a child named Penny Eggs (my little sister named him).