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Reasons Why Yorkies Are Perfect Apartment Dogs

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So you’re living in an apartment and thinking about getting a dog, right? Well, let us introduce you to your potential new best friend – the adorable, ever-charming, and ultra-friendly Yorkshire Terrier, popularly known as the Yorkie.

woman in living room holding Yorkshire terrier

These tiny fur-balls are practically tailor-made for apartment living, and here we are going to give you the reasons why Yorkies are just the absolute best apartment dogs.

Yorkies make ideal apartment companions due to the following characteristics of the breed:

Tiny Size, Huge Heart

Okay, first things first, let’s talk about their size. They are small – like, really small, but do they have gigantic personalities! We’re talking about a pocket-sized buddy who can turn any gloomy apartment into a hub of joy and excitement.

They’re tiny enough not to take up much space but have enough personality to fill an entire mansion!

It is best for a dog to live in an environment that is proportionate to their size. Yorkies weigh about 7 pounds, give or take a pound or so and they are about 7 to 8 inches high at the shoulder.

So they are a great size for living in smaller spaces, like apartments. Plus, if they are ever tired or injured, you do not have to carry a heavy dog up the stairs!

While it is possible to have any size dog in an apartment, it is not ideal. A large dog could technically live in an apartment, although they would not be comfortable or happy, as they would not have very much room to move around compared to a small dog in an apartment.

Their Friendly Nature.

Some of the traits of the Yorkie according to the American Kennel Club (AKC) are being affectionate with family, being good with children, being good with other dogs, being playful, and open to meeting strangers.

And for city dwellers with active social lives, these little dogs make excellent companions to restaurant patios, wineries, breweries, and more dog-friendly locations.

Less Mess.

Having a Yorkie in an apartment means that you will be able to enjoy the companionship of a dog while keeping your cleaning routine small space simple. Considered to be hypoallergenic, the breed has a low drool and shed level, which makes them easy to live with in close quarters.

Keeping Fit the Yorkie Way

When it comes to exercise, these little guys don’t ask for much. A bit of indoor play, a few short strolls around the block, and they’re golden. They are perfectly content with some light play, making them ideal for those of us who aren’t exactly keen on running marathons.

A Bundle of Love

Yorkies are little love magnets. Seriously, they adore cuddles and are fiercely loyal to their humans. Living in an apartment often means spending a lot of time in close quarters, and trust me, a Yorkie is the kind of roommate you want. They’ll shower you with love and affection, keeping those lonely moments at bay.

Tiny Guard Dogs at Your Service

Despite their small size, these little dudes are quite the watchful protectors. They’ve got ears that catch everything and they aren’t afraid to alert you to any odd sounds or suspicious activities.

In short, you’re getting a tiny security guard who’s always on duty (and accepts cuddles as payment!).

Quick Learners

Do you have a set of apartment rules to follow? No problem! Yorkies are sharp as a tack and can quickly learn the do’s and don’ts of apartment living. With a bit of patience, you can easily train them to be the most well-mannered little citizen in the entire building.

Easy-Peasy Grooming

grooming yorkshire terrier in front of white background

When it comes to grooming, Yorkies are pretty low maintenance. Regular brushings and occasional trims will keep them looking like the royalty they are. And the best part? You won’t find fur all over your apartment!

Adapting Like a Pro

One of the best things about Yorkies is their ability to adapt to different living environments. City apartments or a quiet flat in the suburbs, they feel at home wherever they are. These little champs are versatile and adjust without a fuss, making them super easy to live with.

A Mood Booster

Living in an apartment can sometimes feel a bit isolating, but having a Yorkie around can instantly lift your spirits. Their playful antics and affectionate nature can be a real mood booster, helping you kick those blues to the curb.

Drawbacks To Living In An Apartment With A Yorkie

Okay, on to the elephant in the room. There are some drawbacks to having a Yorkie while living in an apartment.

While apartment living brings certain benefits like less space to clean, there are some drawbacks to living in an apartment with a dog, even a small breed like the Yorkie, such as:

Noise Complaints.

Pets. Yorkshire terriers are playing in the room, one is barking

Living in close proximity to a variety of neighbors means that you are bound to get at least one neighbor who does not like dogs. Since you are living in close quarters with other people, if your Yorkie barks, you may receive noise complaints, potentially jeopardizing your lease.

Apartment Complex Dog Parks

Besides training sessions in your apartment and walks around the neighborhood, many Yorkies enjoy visiting dog parks in their apartment complexes.

While they can be a good amenity, they are not without risk. Spending time at a dog park that is not well maintained increases the risk of a dog contracting a parasite.

Also, a dog of such a small size as a Yorkie has a risk of being injured by a larger dog who plays rough, or another dog of any size becoming aggressive.

Pet Fees

Some apartments charge a fee on top of monthly rent if tenants have a dog. However, a further bonus of having a Yorkie in an apartment is that some apartment complexes base their pet fee on the size of the dog, so Yorkies may be less expensive to have in an apartment due to their low weight.

Apartment Location; Balconies, Stairs, and Elevators.

Some apartment complexes only allow dogs to live in certain units. Depending on if these units are ground level or upper level, you may be navigating stairs or elevators with your Yorkie.

Some upper-level apartments that have balconies may have deck railings that are wide enough for a pup of petite build such as a Yorkie to squeeze through, creating the risk of falling from several stories which is likely to be fatal. Of course, you can always buy pet barriers to make your balconies safer for your pup.

A small dog underfoot, especially in icy conditions on outdoor stairs, can cause an extra risk of slipping and falling down the stairs.

Further, using an elevator with a dog requires extra caution; if your Yorkie does not step into the elevator with you, the doors could shut on him or her; they could get a paw stuck in the door slide track; or if the door shuts on the leash without your dog entering the elevator with you, your Yorkie could become seriously injured or killed as the elevator goes up.

My advice would be to always carry your Yorkie while getting in and out of an elevator to avoid any of these tragedies.

Potty Breaks.

As most apartments do not have yards, potty breaks have to be handled differently than they would be if living in a townhouse or a single-family home:

Potty Pads

The most common method for apartment living with a dog is utilizing potty pads. These are great if you are unable to come home on lunch break from work but cannot afford a dog walker every day, or to prevent accidents in general if your Yorkie does not always ask to go outside.

Outdoor Potty Breaks

Yorkshire terrier puppy next to the owners feet

If you choose to go the traditional potty break outdoors option, you will be frequently taking your Yorkie to shared spaces. If even just one of your neighbors neglects their dog’s care, resulting in the contraction of a parasite such as worms, your Yorkie risks becoming infected by regularly using the same shared space.

Litter Box Training

Some Yorkie parents living in apartments choose to litter box train their pups. This is sometimes a better route to go than potty pads, as it better contains the mess and is less wasteful. Instead of having to throw away a large pad each time your Yorkie relieves himself or herself, even if they only used a portion of the pad, you can clean just the mess in the box.

By using litter pellets made from recycled paper like Fresh News, you have the ability to further recycle.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it, a handful of reasons why Yorkshire Terriers are wonderful apartment dogs. They’re small but mighty, loving but not needy, and just the right blend of watchful and playful.

In the hustle and bustle of apartment living, these furry buddies bring in a dose of joy, love, and laughter, making your living space feel like a true home.

If you’re ready to add a dash of excitement and a whole lot of love to your apartment life, a Yorkie might just be your perfect match.

If you have lived in an apartment with a Yorkie before, write about your experience and share tips below.

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