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Yorkshire Terrier Training: Why They Can Be Difficult to Train

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Get a Load of This! Training Your Yorkie Can Be a Rollercoaster Ride!

So, you’ve got yourself a Yorkshire terrier – or a Yorkie, as we like to call ’em. Aren’t they just the cutest little fluffballs ever?

But, whoa, hold your horses. Training these little fellas can be a bit of a struggle. Don’t fret, though. We’re here to make it easier for you. We’ll decode the mystery behind the spirited Yorkies and help you navigate their training with a dash of humor and a truckload of patience.

Here’s the deal – Yorkies are small but boy, are they spunky! They love doing their own thing, which can throw a wrench into your training routine.

Besides, they aren’t fans of the cold or damp, which can dampen their training spirit. But hold on, don’t forget Yorkies are really smart. A bit of patience and you’ll have them twirling on their tiny toes.

Ready for a fun-filled ride into the world of Yorkie training? Buckle up, ’cause here we go!

Getting the Hang of Yorkies

barking yorkie on grass

Character and Mood Swings

Oh, Yorkies. Small in size but with a heart full of courage! They’re lively, loving, and sometimes, little divas. And their moods? Anything from shy and bashful to bold and bossy. Crack the code of your Yorkie’s character, and you’re one step closer to training them like a pro.

Yorkies’ Rebel Yell

One hiccup in training your Yorkie is their “do-it-my-way” attitude. They might not always be up for following commands, since pleasing you isn’t their full-time job. Don’t lose heart though, make the training fun, and your Yorkie is sure to hop on board.

Fears and Dares

Our tiny warriors are known for their bravery, and they won’t back down from protecting what’s theirs. Training can get a bit tricky here, as Yorkies may be a little apprehensive about changing their ways or meeting new people.

Now, don’t get fooled by their courage. Yorkies can also be scaredy-cats, making training a bit of a challenge. But hey, some positive reinforcement can work wonders to soothe their fears.

fuzzy yorkie in grass

What about Health, huh?

Remember, Yorkies might sometimes have health issues like low blood sugar or knee problems, which can affect their training. Keep these in mind while training and do consult your vet if needed.

Decoding Yorkie Training Challenges

The Potty Drama

House training your Yorkie can feel like a bit of a soap opera. Their independent streak and tiny size can lead to a few “oops” moments. But worry not! Being consistent can get them trained. Read more about housetraining here.

The Social Butterfly

Yorkies can be a bit too feisty for their own good, thanks to their ‘small dog syndrome‘. Don’t worry, it’s nothing that early socialization can’t fix. Show them the world, introduce them to your buddies and their pets, and voila, your Yorkie will be the life of the party!

Yorkshire terrier puppy

Yes, Master! – Not So Much

Yorkies’ “you’re not the boss of me” attitude can make obedience training a tough nut to crack. But hey, don’t give up. Keep it fun, stay patient and persistent, and you’ll get there.

Consistency is Key

Want your Yorkie to behave? Stay consistent! This goes for everything from house training to socialization. Speak in the same voice and use the same commands, and your Yorkie will soon get the hang of it.

Making Training a Piece of Cake

Yorkshire terrier begging standing up on its hand legs to reach a treat

Treats, Praise, and Love

Positive reinforcement can work like a charm. Give your Yorkie a treat, a word of praise, or a nice belly rub when they behave, and they’ll be more than willing to learn new things.

Leash Drama?

Having trouble with leash training? We’ve got a trick up our sleeve. Start by walking your Yorkie on a table or bench with a leash. This could help them get used to walking alongside you without causing any discomfort. And always keep their safety in mind!

If they freak out over having to wear a harness, keep one on them for a few hours or so while they are in the house so they get used to it. And give them a treat every time you put the harness on so they associate putting on a harness with good things.

A Routine to Keep Things Smooth

Set a routine for everything – feeding, potty breaks, walks, and training sessions.

outside on path woman picking up poop with Yorkie

Uh-oh, Accidents!

Accidents will happen. It’s part of the process. If your Yorkie has an accident, clean it up immediately and guide them to the yard instead. Stick to your guns with positive reinforcement, and remember, scolding can do more harm than good.

Tackling Yorkie-Specific Training Challenges

Yorkies can get easily distracted and can be pretty chatty. Plus, that ‘small dog syndrome’ can make them a bit too feisty. But with a bit of patience and the right techniques, you can get them to focus, reduce their barking, and mellow down their attitude.

Don’t forget about their separation anxiety. If they’re a bit too attached to you, crate training and toys can help them feel secure when you’re away. And teaching them to come when called? It’s essential and can be done with a bit of practice.

young woman cuddling yorkie

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! Training your Yorkie might feel like a wild rollercoaster ride, but with patience, consistency, and positive vibes, you’ll soon have a well-behaved furry buddy.

Please be sure to sign up with a dog trainer if you are having a hard time with training.

Remember, every Yorkie is unique. What works for one might not work for another. So, keep your cool and enjoy the ride!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is my Yorkie so stubborn during training?

Well, Yorkies are known for their independent and strong-willed natures. They love doing their own thing, and sometimes, they just don’t feel like listening. That’s why training requires patience, consistency, and lots of love. Remember, make it fun for them!

2. How can I stop my Yorkie from barking excessively?

Excessive barking can be a bit annoying. A good way to tackle this is by teaching your Yorkie the ‘quiet’ command. Reward them for obeying and ignore them when they’re being too noisy. This helps them understand that being quiet earns them treats and praise, while barking doesn’t.

3. Why does my Yorkie seem to forget their training?

Consistency is key with Yorkies. If you’re not consistent with your commands and your routine, your Yorkie might get confused and seem like they’re forgetting their training. Make sure to use the same commands and stick to a regular schedule for best results.

4. What should I do if my Yorkie has separation anxiety?

Separation anxiety is common in Yorkies. They form strong bonds with their owners and can feel anxious when left alone. Crate training can help them feel secure when you’re not around. You can also leave toys or treats to keep them busy when you’re not there.

5. My Yorkie doesn’t respond when called. How can I improve this?

Teaching recall is an important part of training. Start in a controlled environment and call your Yorkie to you. When they come, reward them with a treat or praise. Gradually increase the distance and add distractions as they get better.

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Berg Diana

Thursday 6th of July 2023

Is all the information the same if you have a Biewer Yorkipoo?

Cathy Bendzunas

Thursday 6th of July 2023

Yes, it's pretty much the same.