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Ollie Dog Food: Perfect Solution for Picky Yorkies

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Yorkies can be very picky about their food. At least the ones I have had have been picky. If yours isn’t, count yourself lucky.

I have 4 dogs: 1 chihuahua, 1 chihuahua-yorkie mix, and 2 yorkies. The chihuahua and the mix will eat anything you put in front of them but the yorkies are a different story.

There isn’t much that they do like and when I do find something that they will eat, they only like it for a few days and then turn their cute little noses up at it.

Here is how I have combated this and get them to eat every meal. After they decide they don’t want to eat their food, I change it to something else that they like and then when they inevitably turn their noses up at that too I switch back to the previous food or another food they like. So we cycle through several types of meals (including some I make myself) throughout the week.

Ollie is one of the few foods we use in our feeding cycle and when I was contacted by them and asked if I wanted to review their food, I said “Heck yes!” I would love to help more parents of picky Yorkies find solutions to their fur kids’ eating issues. So they sent us a box of their different flavors to try.

In this post, I will tell you more about our experience with Ollie and why you may want to give them a try.

What is Ollie?

Ollie is one of many fresh, human-grade, home-delivered dog foods that have become very popular over the last few years. We have tried almost all of them and they are all good but Ollie is in our top 3.

Don’t judge me, but since they use human-grade ingredients, I actually tasted Ollie and it wasn’t bad. A little bland for humans but I’m glad they aren’t putting salt or spices in my dogs’ food. Don’t let my sister know I tried this though because I teased her for years about her eating dog food when she was little.

4 dog food bowls of Ollie dog food

Why use Ollie’s fresh dog food anyway?

  • The food is much higher quality than kibble or canned dog food.
  • No added preservatives, by-products, or chemicals that can aggravate allergies.
  • Ollie’s is human-grade, minimally processed, and gently cooked.
  • Their ingredients are sourced in the U.S., New Zealand, and Australia.
  • Healthy food is better for your dog and will help them stay healthy longer.
  • You don’t have to go to the store and buy it. It is delivered right to your door in an insualted box with dry ice so it will stay fresh.
  • Ollie will recommend the best food and portion size for your dog’s needs. At the beginning you will fill out a questionnaire about your dog which helps them personalize your dog’s food to what they need.
  • Ollie now offers digestion screenings where they will review a photo of your dog’s poop if you want.

What we love about Ollie

  • All the things I listed in the section above.
  • It has greatly improved my Ziggy’s allergies.
  • My dogs’ poops aren’t as stinky and they don’t poop as much as before.
  • I have also noticed that they all smell better than they used to.
  • A nice variety of 5 different flavors.
  • I love the nice sturdy container and scoop they send with your first shipment. A much better way of storing the food than what other fresh food companies offer (which is just a plastic bag that sometimes is re-sealable).
Ollie container and package of food

What we don’t like about Ollie

I would be doing a disservice if I only talked about the good things. No company is perfect and I want to be totally honest.

  • It’s not cheap. You do get what you pay for though. Frankly, I couldn’t afford to feed all 4 of my dogs if all I was feeding them was Ollie. That’s where switching the meals around really helps to make it affordable.
  • Ollie is subscription-based only. It would be a lot easier to just go in and buy some when I need to and not be tied to a subscription. They do make it easy to just pause the subscription when you want to. And canceling is fairly easy (just look at their FAQ section to tell you how).
3 small dogs eating Ollie dog food on bright rug.

How to Transition Your Yorkie to Ollie

You get a transition guideline included in your starter pack but if you are curious about how and why you should transition in steps, keep reading.

  • Some dogs may have a bad reaction if you just totally change their food all at once. It can cause tummy problems so change it slowly, over a week.
  • On the first 2 days, mix in 25% of Ollie with the food they have been eating.
  • On the 3rd and 4th days mix half of their current food and half Ollie.
  • On the 5th and 6th day mix 75% of Ollie with 25% of their old food.
  • Day 7 and beyond is 100% of Ollie.
  • If you need to go the cheap route, continue with 50% of Ollie and 50% of the other food.
Yorkie eating Ollie dog food

Final Thoughts

I would definitely recommend giving Ollie a try, especially if your pup is picky or has allergies. If you want to try it, you can get your starter box for 50% off here. And if you do try it, please come back here and let us know how your dog likes it.

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