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Hair Stages in Yorkies 101 for New Parents

Hair Stages in Yorkies 101 for New Parents

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If you’re a Yorkie parent, you’re well aware that they have many distinguishing qualities from other dog breeds. Their hair is what shows their distinct personalities more than any other feature. 

Yorkies are known all over the world for their long and lustrous hair that can be styled in all kinds of sassy hairstyles.

However, all this beauty doesn’t happen overnight – they go through several stages as they mature to finally get their long or wavy hair. 

cute yorkie puppy laying down

You can read this to learn how to get your Yorkie’s hair to grow faster.

I’ll be discussing all their hair stages in this article as well as the main characteristics of their hair. 

Elements of the Yorkies Coat

Yorkshire Terriers come in two coat types: silky and cotton. Yorkies with silky coats have straight,  lustrous, smooth, and relatively long hair.

On the other hand, cotton coats are thicker, have a wave to the hair, and doesn’t grow as long. The curled parts of the hair coil backward as the pup matures, forming a heavy layer that is susceptible to matting, given that it seldom reaches floor length. 

If your Yorkie has a cotton coat (like one of mine) that tangles easily, read this for the best ways to detangle your Yorkie’s hair.

Color Differences

Traditional Yorkies have a two-color mix of four different colors. Black and gold, black and tan, blue and gold, and blue and tan are the most common hues. 

There are many other colors of Yorkies though too so be sure to check out our post on the different types of Yorkshire terriers.

Their color will most likely change as they grow older so don’t be surprised if this happens. The color changing mostly happens in the first six months -but by the time they’re 1-2 years, their adult color will be developed. For some dogs, the color-changing continues until they’re 3 years so don’t be in a rush. 

Layers of Coating

Unlike that of other dog breeds, the coat of a Yorkie is single-layered, similar to that of humans. However, in some very rare cases, the smooth Yorkie coat can be double-layered.

That being said,  this is uncommon and is regarded as a significant defect in the breed. 

The Puppy to Adult Hair Growth Stages

3 newborn puppies

The coat of a Yorkshire Terrier changes dramatically as it evolves from a puppy to an adult.

Puppies are born with black and brown hair. Although a puppy’s coat may seem completely black as a newborn, close inspection should show at least a few tan hairs. 

During the first year, the black hairs in the coat will progressively become blue. The pup’s back and sides, as well as the tail, are covered with blue hairs.

This hair change is caused by recurrent greying genes and a minor mutation.

For some Yorkshire Terriers, the blue appears as a dark steel blue and is prized in the show ring. In certain cases, it may be difficult to tell it apart from black.

Discover the different stages of Yorkie hair growth, including how it changes and what to expect.

However, it is more evident outdoors in bright sunlight. Many of the pet’s blue sections, on the other hand, may have mixed silver hairs or be entirely silver, ranging from light to dark. 

Tan hairs, which may be seen mostly on the head, chest, legs, and feet, also keep changing. The tan areas that grow long are dark at the roots and brighten to gold at the tips. Additionally,  the tan on the sides of the face can turn golden too. 

Because Yorkies have hair and not fur like other dog breeds, their hair can grow to floor length. However, this doesn’t happen until the adult coat is fully developed which happens between 18-24 months. 

Beautiful Yorkshire Terrier on the black background

Is it Normal for a Yorkshire Terriers Puppy to Lose Hair?

One of the benefits of getting a Yorkie puppy as your next companion dog is that they shed very little. They may shed a little from time to time, but only in tiny amounts, which is manageable. 

While other dog breeds have thick and robust coats that offer a great insulation layer, this isn’t the case with Yorkies.

The bottom line is although Yorkies are hypoallergic, they still may shed a small amount during some seasons and that’s okay.

However, if you notice some heavy shedding, consult your vet as it may be a sign of an underlying health condition. 

Final Thoughts

It’s normal to worry about when your Yorkies hair will finally be long enough. And no this isn’t being superficial and it doesn’t mean that you love your pooch conditionally. 

You’re just a curious parent who wants to make sure their dog is growing healthy and hitting all the milestones right. 

I hope you gained a little bit of clarity on the different hair stages that Yorkies hair undergoes before it finally matures. 

Remember that every dog is different so not all Yorkies will have this exact experience. The important thing is to take care of your Yorkie hair and take them to the vet if you see anything suspicious. 

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Sunday 11th of December 2022

I was given a yorkie mix puppy 7yrs ago. Both parents were akc,yorkie terrior and pomeranian (I call her my porkie). The eldery couple didn't have the tails docked on this litter due to the accidental pregnancy.My female has as much hair on her curled up tail as her body. How can I shorten her cuts in the summer months without the tail looking odd? Should yorkies be docked?


Sunday 11th of December 2022

I love the term "Porkie". You could try a typical poodle pom-pom where it's cut short along the tail and comes to a pom-pom at the end. That would be adorable. In my opinion, Yorkie tails should not be docked.