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How Can I Make My Yorkie’s Hair Grow Faster?

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I remember when I got my first Yorkshire terrier. I was anxious to see how he’d turn out once he had matured. 

Would he have long hair?

How tall was he going to be? 

I had my worries too of him not turning out as I expected him to; not that I couldn’t love them if they turned out to be different. But I was excited and I had my expectations. 

So, if you’re worried about your Yorkie’s hair growth progress and you’d like to give it a boost, I understand where you’re coming from. 

I’ll be giving a detailed answer to the question – how can I make my Yorkie’s hair grow faster. 

Tips to Make Your Yorkie’s Hair Grow Faster

There are so many reasons why your Yorkie’s hair may still be short, but these tips got you covered regardless of what the problem is. 

If your Yorkie is shedding excessively and you’re looking for quick ways to help the hair to grow back, I recommend checking our blog post on reasons why your Yorkie is shedding first.

Now let’s get to the solutions. 

1. Buy Your Yorkie the Right Food

Just like you, the Yorkie’s hair growth is a reflection of their nutrition. There is no substitute for a good diet. 

When choosing food for your dog, don’t go for the popular brands. Not that they’re bad. It just shouldn’t be the standard you use to pick the food for your Yorkie. You need food that has the nutrients your Yorkie needs. 

If you want your dog’s hair growth to improve, go for food with high protein and fat. According to VCA Hospitals, lack of protein can slow hair and coat development in dogs, and in some cases cause hair loss. It can also make your dog’s hair color dull, brittle and dry. 

For puppies, go for foods with a protein level of 30-35% and 15-30% fat, and for adult Yorkies – buy foods with 20-25% protein content and 10-15% fat.

Another important factor to consider when buying food for your Yorkie is minerals. For example, copper nourishes your dog’s hair coat, and zinc prevents hair loss. 

2. Your Yorkie’s Diet

While feeding your dog quality food is important, it’s not enough to boost their hair growth. You’ll need to invest in vitamins and other supplements. 

Vitamins not only will improve your dog’s health, but they also improve their hair growth and ensure that they stay healthy.

For example, if you add vitamin B complex to your dog’s diet, they’ll grow healthy hair with a sheen. 

Additionally, feed your dog with foods rich in omega 3 and omega 3 acids as they promote a healthy coat. The fatty acids also help heal an itchy or flaky coat, which is on the path to getting great hair. 

PS: Before buying the supplements, consult with your vet to ensure you get the correct ones. Factors like health, age, and weight are considered when buying Yorkie supplements for hair growth.

3. Fight Fleas for Healthy Skin & Coat

Fleas and ticks are other culprits that may hold back your Yorkie’s hair growth. It’s hard to grow hair when you’re losing it. 

Parasites can camp in your dog’s body, causing them itchiness and giving them a thin coat. If your Yorkie is infested with ticks and fleas, first get medication that can kill the parasites and then consider a preventive measure. 

Treating your Yorkie for fleas will allow their hair to grow naturally and fill in any patches they have from the biting. 

If this is your first time dealing with fleas and ticks, take your dog to the vet

4. Consider Your Dog’s Stress Level

Just like humans, your dog’s stress level can affect their hair growth rate, as well as cause more shedding. When your Yorkie feels more anxious, they are likely to shed more, and in some cases, their hair will be dull and brittle. 

You can fix this with a few simple commands and ensure your pooch gets enough exercise

Going out for a walk or a run is a great way to release stress and have fun. 

5. Bathe Your Yorkie

Close up of female hands washing small yorkshire dog.

Bathing your dog is another natural remedy for hair growth. It helps keep their coat clean and wash off natural oils that may clog their pores and cause the ‘doggy odor.’ 

The best way to clean your Yorkie is using warm water and dog shampoo – gently put the shampoo in their hair and move it in circular motions as you massage their scalp. This helps in strengthening their hair follicles. 

While bathing your canine is a great thing, you don’t want to overdo it; otherwise, it will cause more harm than good.

For Yorkies, it’s best to wait for three weeks before bathing them again. 

6. Brushing and Combing

Regularly brushing and combing hair is another natural remedy for boosting your Yorkie’s hair growth. 

For instance, by using a pin brush, you get rid of anything that may be irritating your dog’s skin and preventing hair regeneration. Additionally, brushing aids in eliminating dead skin cells and loose hair to give room for new hair growth. 

As a bonus, you get to bond with your dog and make them feel loved. Ensure you’re gentle when combing their hair, especially when the brush gets tangled. 

It’s recommended you brush your Yorkie’s hair every day. 

7. Use the Right Products

For Shampoo

I always see questions like, ‘Can I use my shampoo for bathing my Yorkie’s hair?‘ 

Well, the answer is no. Using your shampoo to clean your Yorkie’s hair will not only affect their hair growth but their skin as well. 

Your Yorkie requires a shampoo with a high pH (6.5 – 7.5) and no preservatives to ensure it doesn’t upset their pH levels. 

Be sure to use a shampoo for Yorkies with allergies if your pup has sensitive skin or allergies.

For Brushes

Similarly, ensure that you use the right brush and comb for grooming to reduce shedding. 

Different brushes are meant for different dog coats.

For example, using a brush that’s designed for thick fur coats like Golden Retriever on your Yorkie could seriously hurt their coat. Always consider the texture and length of your Yorkie’s hair when buying a brush for their hair. 

If your Yorkie has very thin hair, it’s best to use a bristle brush as it massages their skin, stimulating hair follicles. It also removes dirt and debris, leaving them with an amazing glow. 

And if your Yorkie has a medium coat, use a pin brush with stainless steel as it works perfectly through the hair. 

8. Be Patient with Your Yorkie

I know this isn’t what you want to hear, but patience is all you may need to give your Yorkie. 

If your Yorkie is under eight months of age, they’re still in the growth and development stage. A Yorkie’s hair growth stops growing at 18-24 months. 

That said, for better results keep feeding them with quality food and ensuring they get enough exercise.

Wrapping Up

A Yorkie’s hair is their main feature. Besides their beautiful eyes, their long hair gives them their beauty and elegance. 

Therefore, I understand why you’d be disappointed if your Yorkie’s hair isn’t picture-perfect yet. 

Sometimes, all you need is to give your Yorkie a little time, and in some cases, you need to step up and change their diet, their bathing products, and add some supplements to give it a little push. 

Back to you. 

What’s the hardest part of maintaining your Yorkie’s hair?

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Autherine Croskey

Wednesday 23rd of February 2022

What is the best food to give my Yorkie for hair growth. I feed her Caesars


Wednesday 23rd of February 2022

Hi Autherine (pretty name) For a wet food, Blue Buffalo True Solutions Perfect Coat Skin & Coat Care Formula Wet Dog Food is good for hair growth. Chewy has it here. For a dry food, Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Yorkshire Terrier Adult Dry Dog Food is good. You can find it on Amazon here and Chewy here. Chewy also carries the wet canned food version from Royal Canin but it looks like they are temporarily out of stock. I'm pretty sure you can find it at PetSmart or PetCo too.