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Yorkshire Terriers: Foods to Avoid

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Yorkshire Terriers are one of the most popular breeds in the world. They are
often referred to as the ‘toy breed’ because they are small, cute, and full of
But as much as we love them, owning a Yorkie has its downside as they
have a pretty sensitive stomach, making them prone to gastrointestinal and
pancreatitis. Therefore, it’s important to note that certain foods can be
dangerous for Yorkies. Here is a list of foods you should never feed Yorkshire

Foods to avoid Feeding Your Yorkshire Terrier

If you have recently adopted or bought a Yorkshire Terrier, you must be
savvy about everything, Yorkie. According to PUPPYLISTS, Yorkshire Terriers
are among the most popular dog breeds of 2021, and make fantastic
Now let’s hop onto the list of foods not to feed your Yorkshire Terrier.

  1. Sugar-free Candy or Gum
    Yorkies should never eat sugar-free candy or gum that contains xylitol or birch sugar.
    Xylitol is an artificial sweetener in many sugar-free products, including candy
    and gum. It can cause a sudden drop in blood sugar levels, leading to
    seizures, liver failure, and other serious health complications for your
    Yorkshire Terriers. So keep gums and candies away from your pooch.
  2. Grapes and Raisins
    Grapes and raisins are toxic to your Yorkies. Although not yet determined,
    grapes contain compounds that can damage the kidneys of dogs, leading to
    kidney failure if consumed. Raisins also contain these compounds but may
    have an even higher concentration than grapes, so it’s best to avoid them
    altogether when feeding your Yorkie treats or snacks.
  3. Avocado
    Although quite healthy for humans, avocados have a very high-fat content
    which can lead to pancreatitis, an inflammation of the pancreas, if ingested
    by dogs like Yorkshire terriers.
    They also contain persin, a toxic compound that affects the heart, liver, and
    pancreas, resulting in respiratory problems. The high-fat content has been known to cause vomiting and diarrhea when consumed by pets such as Yorkshire terriers.
  1. Taro
    Taro root contains a toxin called cycasin that has been linked with causing
    tumors within animals when ingested. Other issues that can crop up when
    you feed your Yorkshire taro root tuber include vomiting, burning in your
    mouth, kidney issues, and stomach problems.
  2. Coffee and Tea
    Coffee and tea contain caffeine which is toxic for dogs like Yorkshire
    Terriers; if consumed in large quantities. Your pooch will display symptoms
    ranging from nausea, dizziness, coma, or death in severe cases.
  3. Chocolate
    Chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine, which are both toxic
    substances for Yorkies. These substances stimulate your pooch’s heart and
    nervous system. If your dog happens to eat chocolate, your puppy will
    display the following symptoms:
    ● Vomiting
    ● Diarrhea
    ● Restlessness
    ● Increased heart rate
    ● Anxiety
    ● Breathing difficulties
  4. Unripe Tomatoes
    Tomatoes may seem harmless enough, but unripe tomatoes contain
    solanine, a toxin that causes nausea, headaches, diarrhea, and more severe
    repercussions depending on how much your furry baby ate.
    Unripe tomatoes should therefore be avoided completely where possible but
    keep an eye out, especially during summer, when gardeners may grow
    tomatoes near fences or walls. Only feed ripe tomatoes to your Yorkie.
  5. Nutmeg
    Nutmeg contains myristicin, another potentially toxic substance for Yorkies.
    Although nutmeg does add flavor and depth to your cooking recipes, it
    should remain off-limits for Yorkshire terriers meals.
  6. Bread Dough With Yeast
    Bread dough with yeast needs oxygen for fermentation; however, once
    swallowed by your four-legged baby. The dough cannot expand in the
    stomach, and this causes gas to accumulate, resulting in bloating and
    discomfort, further worsening and leading to blockages in your digestive
    system. Please avoid giving bread dough containing yeast as a treat/snack
  7. Cooked Beans
    Beans contain high levels of phosphorus which can be dangerous for Yorkies
    to consume as it can cause kidney problems if eaten in large quantities. As
    with all foods, giving your Yorkie small amounts of cooked beans is best if
    you feed them this food item.
  8. Bones
    Dogs are known to be fond of playing with meaty bones. However, this can
    be dangerous for your Yorkshire as they are a small breed, and cooked bone
    can splinter very easily, causing the shard to be stuck in your pooch’s
    And in cases where it’s a large number of splinters, this would result in
    constipation or puncturing of the intestines, which would need surgery to resolve. And if you decide to give your Yorkie a bone, ensure it is larger than your pup’s muzzle.
  1. Spicy Homemade Food
    Spicy homemade food should never be fed to your Yorkshire Terrier due to
    its potential risk of causing stomach upset and digestive problems in dogs.
    Spicy foods may also contain onions or garlic, which are toxic for dogs, so
    it’s best to play it safe and not add any additional spice or herbs when
    making homemade dog food.
  2. Garlic
    Garlic is another food item you should avoid when feeding your Yorkie treats
    or snacks. Garlic contains thiosulfates and disulfides, which can lead to
    anemia (damage to red blood cells). A small amount of garlic is not harmful;
    it causes your pups to be bloated.
    Symptoms to watch out for when your pups ingest too much garlic include
    ● Dark-colored urine
    ● Diarrhea
    ● Lethargy
    ● Vomiting
    ● Rapid breathing
    ● Lack of appetite
  3. Macadamia Nuts
    Macadamia nuts have been linked with causing paralysis, vomiting, and
    fever after being ingested by dogs. This makes macadamia one nut variety
    we don’t want our four-legged baby to have access to.
  4. Alcohol
    Humans take alcohol to have a good time, and although dogs also need to
    have fun, alcohol should never be in the plan. This is because it can be toxic,
    leading to many health problems, like rapid breathing, tremors, vomiting,
    decreased coordination, abnormal blood acidity, and sometimes death.
  5. Walnuts
    Walnuts contain an amino acid called L-arginine, which has been linked with
    causing health issues such as pancreatitis, seizure, and gastrointestinal
  6. Chives
    Chives contain a compound called ‘furanocoumarins’ which affects animal
    blood cells. As such, they increase the probability of developing health issues
    after ingestion, such as red blood cell destruction leading to anemia,
    amongst other symptoms. Although they add yumminess to meals, they
    should be off-limits for dog foods.
  7. Cat Food
    Cat food typically has higher protein fat levels than dog food, making cat
    food an unsuitable option for feeding your pooch.
  8. Mushrooms
    Some mushroom species are naturally lethal to animals and humans. As
    such, consumption of even small amounts could trigger life-threatening
    reactions, like liver and kidney issues. Therefore, it’d be best to avoid
    mushrooms when making food for your pups.
  9. Undercooked Meat
    Raw meat and undercooked bones carry bacteria and parasites, thus
    increasing the chances of intestinal infection developing upon consumption.
    Therefore, you must avoid offering undercooked meats as a treat to your
    furry baby.

Foods That Should Be Fed in Moderation

These foods you can feed your Yorkshire, but in small amounts.

  1. Lemons
    Lemons can cause vomiting and diarrhea in dogs, so it’s best to avoid
    feeding them to your Yorkie. If you opt to give your pup a lemon or lemon
    juice, only give them a small amount.
  2. Broccoli
    Broccoli is high in calcium and vitamin C, which is suitable for Yorkies.
    However, too much of these nutrients can lead to digestive issues such as
    gas and bloating.
  3. Salt
    Too much salt in your Yorkshire meals can lead to sodium ion poisoning,
    resulting in an electrolyte imbalance and dehydration. It’s best not to give
    your Yorkie any salty snacks or treats that contain salt as an ingredient.
  4. Milk and Dairy Products
    Milk contains lactose which many dogs cannot digest properly without
    causing gastrointestinal issues, such as diarrhea and vomiting. So it’s best to
    avoid giving milk dairy products altogether when feeding or giving treats to
    Yorkies unless specified by a veterinarian. But even then, the amounts
    should still be low to keep digestion running smoothly.
  5. Coconut
    Coconut-based products like coconut oil have become popular recently. Still,
    it’s important not to overfeed your Yorkshire terrier due to its high-fat
    content. This is because it can lead to severe health problems, such as
    pancreatitis. So please keep the quantity down to avoid any future health
  6. Raw Eggs
    Raw eggs may carry bacteria and parasites, thus increasing the chances of
    intestinal infection upon consumption. Although dogs have been eating raw
    eggs for centuries, it’s better to be safe by feeding your pooch well-cooked
    eggs. This helps destroy all bacteria and parasites. Besides, it provides your
    dog with essential minerals and vitamins.

What Happens When Your Yorkshire Terrier Eats Any of These Foods?

Depending on the amount eaten, certain foods listed above could lead to
toxicity effects ranging from nausea, dizziness, coma, and death depending
on severity level. Please seek vet advice immediately after suspecting your
pet consumed anything above to monitor the situation closely and prevent
further damage from occurring internally and externally.

Final Thoughts
Yorkshire Terriers are adorable, but they require special care regarding their
food. You must take the time to research what foods are safe for your Yorkie
so that you don’t accidentally put them at risk for health complications or
death. Following the guidelines outlined above, you should have no problem
keeping your furry baby healthy and happy.

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