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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With Yorkshire Terriers

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If you want to find another canine companion for your Yorkie but want to widen the search by considering other breeds, you should not select just any dog. There are some breeds that are more compatible with Yorkies than others.

Let’s discuss what dog breeds that get along with Yorkies, as well as what qualities make another breed a better companion for a Yorkie if you are considering a breed that is not on the list:

Top 10 Most Yorkie Compatible Breeds

If you are wondering where to start when considering getting your Yorkie a friend of a different breed, consider these 10 highly compatible breeds:


The Affenpinscher is comparable in size and shares aspects of temperament with the Yorkie. This breed is a fun and unique addition for the humans in the family as well. These little dogs have big personalities and are well-known for being funny.

Their grooming needs are slightly less demanding than a Yorkie, although they do still have grooming needs.

Brussels Griffon

The Brussels Griffon has an almost cartoonish, endearing face that will melt your heart.

Comparable in size and personality, but with slightly fewer grooming needs, they are a frequent choice of pet parents when seeking a canine companion for their Yorkie.


One of the most common companions for the Yorkie is a Chihuahua. Although they are tiny, they are mighty! Their antics are fun for the humans in the pack too.

Chihuahuas are comparable in size to Yorkies, making them a good-sized playmate, and reducing the concern you would have with a larger dog injuring your petite Yorkie. They also have comparable energy levels, which makes them a compatible playmate as well.

If you would prefer a dog that has fewer grooming requirements, consider a smooth-coat Chihuahua.

yorkies and chihuahuas sitting on recliner

I actually have both chihuahuas and Yorkies and they get along great together. If you have a Chihuahua or want to learn more about them, check out our sister site that is all about Chihuahuas.


The Maltese is another good choice. This breed is a similar size to a Yorkie and tends to have comparable personality characteristics to the Yorkie.

If you do not mind the grooming requirements of the Yorkie, the Maltese could be a good choice for you.


Pomeranians share a similar personality and are near in size to the Yorkie, although their fluffy coats may make them appear larger.

Their grooming needs are different but may be less work than a Yorkie’s depending on how you view them.


dog breed Pekingese on a green grass

Although the Pekingese is twice the size of a Yorkie, their build makes the size difference less of a concern. They also share similar personalities.

Their thick coat does require maintenance, although likely less than the Yorkie.

Italian Greyhound

The Italian Greyhound is a good choice to be a Yorkie’s companion, as they are considered to be slightly more social than the Yorkie, making them a good candidate to assimilate with a dog selective Yorkie.

Although they are similar or slightly larger in weight, they will always be taller than a Yorkie. Further, they share personality traits with the Yorkie.

These dogs have minimal grooming needs, making them ideal for a pet parent who loves their Yorkie but doesn’t love grooming.


The Schipperke is a very cute dog with an almost miniature shepherd-like face and build.

They are twice the size of the Yorkie, but they share personality attributes that make them a good match. Known for being curious, they make good playmates for Yorkies.

Their coats are very low maintenance, a bonus to pet parents who do not want another high-maintenance grooming routine added to their responsibilities.


The Papillon, so named for their butterfly-like ears, will fly right into your heart and maybe your Yorkie’s heart too. They make good companions for Yorkies due to their average size and their personalities.

Their silky, medium-length coats are less maintenance than the Yorkie’s coat as well.


Xoloitzcuintli dog in grass

If you love your Yorkie but you do not love grooming, the Xoloitzcuintli is a great choice because they are hairless!

This breed comes in three different sizes, so due to the Yorkie’s size, it is important to pursue a toy size Xoloitzcuintli.

Though they share similar personalities, they are slightly larger and have different needs than Yorkies. As they were bred by Aztecs, they were originally bred to live in a warmer climate. If you live in an area that has cold seasons, your Xoloitzcuintli will need clothing to keep warm.

In the summer months, they will need special doggy sunscreen, lots of shade, and to avoid the heat of the day to protect their skin from sunburn.

Characteristics To Consider In Breeds When Seeking A Companion For Your Yorkie

When trying to decide which breed of dog to get to be your Yorkie’s best doggy friend, these characteristics are most important to consider:


The size of a dog is a large component of his or her compatibility with a Yorkie. As the Yorkie is approximately 7 pounds, a large dog could seriously injure the petite Yorkie. This makes the ideal canine companion for a Yorkie another toy breed or small breed dog, under 20 pounds.

Energy Level

The American Kennel Club (AKC) describes the Yorkie as being a tomboyish, sprightly, higher-energy dog. They would do best with another dog to play with who has a similar energy level.

Grooming Needs

If keeping up with your Yorkie’s grooming needs is more than you anticipated, be sure to select a dog with a less demanding coat.

Does My Yorkie Need A Canine Companion?

Some Yorkies may enjoy the company of other canines, while other Yorkies may be selective, or may not want another dog in their home at all. It is very important to consider your individual Yorkie’s temperament and personality before choosing to add another dog, and a proper meet and greet must occur before bringing a new dog into your home.


When selecting another dog to be your Yorkie’s companion, it is important to find a dog that is not too big and shares their personality characteristics.

Not all Yorkies will need a canine companion, so it is important not to force another dog into the pack if your Yorkie does not seem receptive.

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