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6 Best Chew toys for Yorkie Puppies and a Buyer’s Guide

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A friend of mine who is a new dog owner told me over lunch one day: “Nobody told me that my puppy would be chewing on everything in sight. The first time they chewed on a pair of shoes I had just bought and left at their disposal because I didn’t know they were shoe-eating monsters.”

I think that is a shock to most people who have never had a puppy before. You suddenly have to be very mindful of what you leave laying around at puppy level.

I told my friend that she needed to be sure her puppy had lots of things for the puppy to chew on. Chewing is a natural part of the puppy’s development and it’s suddenly your puppy will want to do to some extent for the rest of their life.

Pets. Yorkshire terrier is playing with a toy on the carpet

Chew toys for Yorkie puppies are underrated, and in this blog post, I’ll explain why getting your puppy some chew toys is a good idea (from one Yorkie mom to another). I’ll then recommend some of my favorite picks because not all chew toys are safe. 

Let’s get started. 

How to Choose the Right Chew Toys for Your Yorkie

Not all chew toys are the right toy for your Yorkie. Chew toys are made for different purposes. 

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a chew toy for your puppy to ensure you get it right. 

1. Your puppy’s age.

Your Yorkie’s age should act as a timeline guide of the kind the chew toy you get them. Here is a little breakdown to help you out. 

  • 0-12 weeks

Your Yorkie puppy doesn’t need any chew toys at this age. They’re still breastfeeding, and their teeth should start erupting at month four. Although their small milk teeth are sharp at this age, they’re not strong enough for chew toys.

Instead, once the teeth start to erupt, start introducing them to soft solid food. 

  • 12-24 weeks (the chewing stage) 

Your puppy’s milk teeth start falling at week 12, and shortly after, their permanent teeth start growing. This is the stage where your puppy really needs the chewing toys. The teething process can cause discomfort and pain, and the chew toys help soothe their gum. 

At this stage, the best chew toys are the ones that can be frozen as the cold helps numb the gum and soothe it. 

  • 24 weeks and above 

Most puppies are done with the teething process at this age, and with their strong teeth, they can graduate to adult chew toys. These are a little harder and more durable because they’re more long-term.

At this age, the need to chew on other objects has also reduced significantly, or at least they’re not triggered by teething. 

2. Your dog’s chewy personality.

The other factor to consider when buying a chewing toy is their personality and how they chew. It doesn’t matter how big or small your puppy is. When it comes to chewing, some puppies do it with more enthusiasm than others. 

Here are the different types of chewers and the kind of chew toys you should get them.

  • Gulpers. Also known as inhalers, these puppies swallow everything within seconds of seeing it. One second, they have an edible, and the next, it has vanished. The best toys for these chewers are rubbers, balls, and stuffed animals.
  • Destroyers. These are puppies whose sole purpose when they see any toy is to destroy them. They’ll pull it, swallow it and tear it into shreds until it’s unrecognizable. Destroyers are normally very hard to shop for because their toys hardly last. The best chew toys for them are edible chews and rubber toys. 
  • Nibblers. These are the lovers. They take time with their toys and chew them gently with the respect they deserve. You’ll have various choices for nibblers ranging from balls, rubber toys, and edibles to stuffed toys. 

3. Your dog’s teeth safety.

You don’t want to buy a chew toy that’s too soft or too hard for your dog. A soft chew toy can be a health hazard because your dog may destroy it and swallow huge chunks.

On the other hand, an extremely hard toy can weaken your puppy’s teeth or break them. 

Here are some ways to know if a chew is too hard.

  • Thumbnail test. If the toy doesn’t show a little thumbnail when you press it, it’s too hard for your puppy. 
  • Knee cap rules. If you hit your knee with a toy and it hurts, it’s too hard for your puppy. 
  • Hammer rule. If you can’t drive a hammer through a toy, your puppy shouldn’t be chewing it. 

4. The external coating of the chew toy.

It’s also important to consider what the toy’s coating is made of. A chew toy should be coated with something safe to digest.

5. How easy it is to clean

Chew toys should be washed often to kill bacteria since they’re constantly in your puppy’s mouth. Ensure you buy chew toys that can be cleaned in washing machines or dishwashers. 

6. How entertaining it is

Chewing is exciting, but it can get boring at some point if that’s all the pup will be doing. When buying a chew toy, prioritize the ones with extra entertainment value.

For example, the chew toy could light up different colors based on how the pup bites or have some sound effects. 

Reasons Why You Should Get Chew Toys for Your Puppies

Before I recommend the best chew toys for your Yorkie puppy, it’s important you know why they’re important and whether or not they’re a good investment. This section will also give you a bit of clarity on why your puppy is chewing on stuff. 

Here are some of the benefits of chew toys. 

1. They make the teething process easier.

One common reason puppies chew is the teething process. Like toddlers, when their teeth are falling off and new ones trying to penetrate their gums, it can cause some discomfort.

Chewing is your puppy’s way of dealing with the teething process and soothing their gums. 

If this is the case, you need to ensure that your puppy isn’t chewing on hard toys that could hurt their gums.

Check to see the condition of your pup’s gums. If they’re extra tender, consider putting their chew toys in the freezer to add some soothing effect on them. 

2. Chew toys promote your puppy’s dental health.

Another great benefit of chewing on stuff is that they get to enjoy better dental health. Although chew toys shouldn’t replace teeth brushing, they help keep your dog’s teeth clean.

Chewing toys also promote the production of the antibacterial saliva that’s responsible for cleaning your dog’s mouth. 

3. They’re great for brain stimulation.

When your Yorkie is at their puppy stage, their brain develops, and chewing toys are a great way to keep them stimulated. 

Cheating requires a lot of focus, keeping your puppy busy. Consider chewing toys with noises or features to challenge their mind even further.  

4. Chewing toys helps relieve anxiety in dogs.

Chewing a toy equates to a good meditation or yoga practice for your puppy. It’s calming, and it helps them relax. I realized that my Yorkie used to chew more on stuff when I was away from home even after he was way past the teething age because he was struggling with separation anxiety. 

If your puppy chews from anxiety, getting them to chew toys prevents them from chewing on other things that might otherwise be harmful. 

5. Chew toys are safer than bones.

Chew toys are safer than bones (raw or cooked). The bones could get stuck in your Yorkie’s throat (I’ve seen this happen), or they could swallow them and hurt their internal organs. 

I’m not ruling out bones from your Yorkie’s diet, but chew toys are safer, especially when you’re away from home. When leaving, it’s best to let your puppy chew on heavy-duty, durable rubber toys. They will satisfy your pup’s chewing craving just fine. 

6. They keep your puppy preoccupied.

Puppies are very playful, and they’re also attention seekers. They want you to play fetch or simply fool around with them as long as you’re in the house. Chew toys can help keep them busy when you want to get some chores done or attend a zoom meeting with no distractions. 

This way, they’re happy, and you get some work done; it’s a win-win. 

7. Chew toys, save your stuff.

Honestly, if all the other reasons weren’t good enough to make you invest in chew toys for your Yorkie, do it for yourself. 

At the end of the day, your Yorkie will chew on something. It’s a dog’s nature to want to chew on stuff. The only decision you get to make is what they chew on. Will it be your leather couch, fancy furniture, or chew toys? Your pick. 

Yorkshire terrier puppy with a toy on purple background

Best Chew Toys for Yorkie Puppies (Our Favorite Picks)

Now that you understand why your Yorkie needs a toy, it’s time to explore and see what’s the best toy for them on the market. 

Here are our favorite picks (we observed all the factors we discussed in the previous section to ensure the toys are safe for your Yorkie puppy). 

Let’s dive in. 

1. KIPRITII Dog Chew Toys for Puppy


The KIPRITII Dog Chew Toys for Puppy are excellent for gentle chewers. Destroyers are likely to tear most of these toys up within a few days. One of the greatest features of this package is that it’s made with natural and friendly rubber. 

The KIPRITII Dog Chew Toys for Puppy also has 18 toys that you can rotate to keep your Yorkie entertained. The toys include a variety of ropes, squeak toys, and balls.

If your puppy is in the teething process, avoid giving them the rope toys because the strings might cause bleeding to their sensitive gums. 

For pet moms looking for chew toys with an entertainment value, you’ll be happy to know that the package has squeaky balls that your pup can chew and play with at the same time. 


  • It has a nice variety of toys (18)
  • Budget-friendly
  • Squeaky balls to keep your pup entertained 


  • They’re not practical for aggressive chewers  

2.Carllg Dog Chew Toys


If you loved our first recommendation, but your puppy is an aggressive chewer, then the Carllg Dog Chew Toy might be your answer. Although no dog toy is completely indestructible, even aggressive puppies will struggle before breaking this one apart since it’s made of resistant TPR material. 

There are so many other interesting facts about this chew toy. For starters, it’s made in the shape of corn, which is very appealing.

The unique shape gives it so many cool features, like the ability to keep your puppy’s teeth clean. Carllg’s dog chew toy can clean your Yorkie’s teeth horizontally and vertically and remove dirt and stones in their front teeth. 

Lastly, the toy can float in water which is a plus for puppies who love playing with their toys when swimming. It also has a squeaky feature that’s attractive to puppies. 


  • It can float in water 
  • It’s made of TPR material, so it’s safe for aggressive chewers
  • It keeps your puppy’s teeth clean 


  • Gentler chewers might not find it very fascinating

3. KONG – Puppy Toy Natural Teething Rubber


The Kong chew toy is an excellent choice for puppies dealing with anxiety, teething, and boredom. This toy is designed for small dogs like the Yorkie, so you don’t have to worry about your puppy’s teeth’ safety. 

There are many ways you can use this toy to keep your puppy entertained. The first obvious way is to fill it with food or treats and let your dog work to get the treats out. This is also a good way to train gulpers who eat too fast to slow down and take their time with food. 

Secondly, you can use the chew toy as a fetch toy, which is a great way for your Yorkie to exercise. The rubber materials are great for soothing teething puppies as they massage their gums gently. In addition, the rubber can be very comforting for anxious puppies, and it helps calm them down. 


  • You can fill it with food and treats to keep your puppy entertained 
  • It’s designed for small dogs 
  • It’s very comforting for teething and anxious puppies


  • Some pet parents wished they got the chance to select the color of the toy 

4. Frisco Latex Squeaky Puppy Toy


The Frisco Latex Squeaky Puppy Toy is another great option for your Yorkie puppy. It’s designed for a small dog, so it’s safe for your puppy, and they’ll find it interesting and entertaining. 

The small toy is made with quality latex so it can stand all the test of time. Besides playing fetch, it’s also great as a chew toy. Like many toys on our list, the developer has added a built-in squeaker in the toy to make it entertaining. 

While the chew toy is made using hard-to-tear latex, keep an eye if your Yorkie is an aggressive chewer since latex is fairly soft in the inner part. 


  • It’s made of hard-to-tear latex 
  • It has an in-built squeaker 
  • It’s very pretty and attractive to small dogs 


  • Not for an aggressive chewer 

5.Dogtown Rope Dinosaur Chew Toy


It’s been a while since I checked out my Etsy account. I was looking for a handmade picture portrait when I came across this rope dinosaur chew toy and decided to get it for my dogs.

Unlike other rope chew toys on the market, this one is well done and tight. Even the aggressive chewers will have a difficult time tearing it. The rope is handmade, so you might notice slight differences if you order two or more. 

The chew toy is made of durable natural fiber braided rope, which will really feel great on your pup’s teeth. It also gives the toy a tight grip for when you want to use it to play fetch. 


  • It’s handmade and very carefully crafted
  • It’s made of durable natural fiber 
  • It feels great in a pup’s teeth 


  • Aggressive chewers will eventually tear it apart

6. SZKOKUHO 17 Packs Durable Pet Puppy Dog Chew Toys


The SZKOKUHO 17 Packs Durable Pet Puppy Dog Chew Toys are a great budget package. Your puppy will have several toys to play in different occasions. Whether it’s for fetch, something to fool around with or a toy to soothe their gums, they’ll have something. 

Some of my best toys in the package are the cute colorful balls with a little bell. My dogs love how they jingle when they’re playing or running around with them. The bells are completely safe, and they won’t hurt your puppy’s teeth. 

For the chew toys, I like applying some peanut butter on the bone-shaped toy for my teething pups and then freeze it. 


  • Budget-friendly 
  • A variety (the package has 17 cool toys) 
  • They’re easy to clean 
  • They’re durable 


  • A few of these toys can be destroyed by aggressive chewers

Get Your Yorkie Puppy a Chew Toy

Chewing toys are necessary for dogs of all ages. At the end of the day, the cute puppies that we adore have the animal instincts that they need to satisfy. The chew toys can help them fulfill this part of their nature without any distractions.

Chewing on toys can also be very comforting for puppies teething or struggling with anxiety. 

I hope this blog post clarified why chew toys are important and how to select the correct one for your puppy.

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