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7 Trendy Summer Yorkie Cuts in 2024

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There are so many preparations that come with summer; you start eating clean, hitting the gym, and even find some great tanning products.

As a dog parent, you also may want to get your dog their summer haircut. Summer is the perfect opportunity for Yorkie parents to show off their dogs and spend time outdoors. But what are the best summer Yorkie cuts? Read on to find out. 

Best Summer Yorkie Cuts

When choosing a summer haircut for your dog, there’s a lot you need to keep in mind. Besides their beauty, you also want to make sure the haircut offers them enough protection from the sun. 

There is a common misconception that thick hair makes dogs hot during summer, so it needs to be cut really short. However, your Yorkie’s hair provides them with warmth during winter and protects them from the scorching sun during summer. 

In fact, it’s perfectly okay for other dog breeds to keep their fur/hair during summer, but for Yorkies, you can cut it to at least one inch. 

Now that that’s out of the way let’s get to the best summer Yorkie cuts in 2024. 

1. Kennel Cut

Yorkshire Terrier with short hair stands on white isolated background

It goes without saying that the kennel cut is the most common summer cut for lap dogs. It’s a short hairstyle, and most of the Yorkie’s hair is cut off. When giving your pup the kennel cut, the hair on the head, tail, and legs is kept slightly longer for glam.

Ensure you trim the hair on your dog’s paws to give them the freedom they need for their summer play. 

2. Teddy Bear Cut

Cute dog sitting up in a field

Writing about Yorkie haircuts and not mentioning the teddy bear cut is just a crime. Yorkies are like sweet little playful and loving teddy bears, and this style makes them look like one. 

The teddy bear cut completely capitalizes on all the Yorkies’ best features. It involves trimming all the Yorkie’s hair except for the facial hair. The latter is then cut in a circular motion to give the dog the ultimate teddy bear look. 

3. Schnauzer Trim

As the name suggests, this haircut is inspired by the Schnauzer, and it will give your Yorkie a very executive look. 

For this look, you start by trimming your Yorkie’s mustache and ears so that they appear longer. You leave the hair at the third bottom of the dog long, as well as their legs. Next, you trim the rest of body hair to about an inch but leave your dog’s ‘bib’ a little bit longer. Lastly, be ready to receive tones of compliments. 

4. Yorkie Puppy Cut

Black yorkshire terrier puppy wearing bandana

If you’re planning on spending most of your summer outdoors with your dog, this is their ideal summer cut. 

It involves trimming all their hair to one or two inches – this is ideal because the length is easy to maintain, and it offers your Yorkie enough protection from the sun. 

And as a bonus, if your Yorkie is old, the haircut will give them a puppy look. Not that there is nothing wrong with being old, it’s just a chance to relieve the sweet old memories for the summer.

5. Squared Cut and Squared Puppy Cut

For the squared cut, the hair on the body is cut straight across like a skirt. The legs are lightly trimmed. The hair on the face is cut in a square though the hair on top can be left long if desired, or cut in bangs.

The squared puppy cut is the same as the puppy cut, but the face gets a different style.

To give your Yorkie a square puppy cut, start with the same process you do when giving them a puppy cut. That is, trimming all their hair to one or two inches. Now for their face, you need to trim their hair into a square bob and leave their face and forehead hair at around one inch.

I’ve seen some Yorkie parents use gel to keep the facial hair in place. If you decide to use gel, make sure you do a patch test to confirm your dog isn’t allergic to it. 

6. Yorkie Westie Cut

This is another summer cut inspired by a breed (the westie). I love that it’s both elegant and great for the summer. The westie cut involves leaving your dog’s haircut in medium or long length. 
To achieve this look, your Yorkie’s hair is trimmed at an angle along the face – the hair cut makes the Yorkie’s stubby nose very noticeable. 
The Yorkie westie cut is only favorable if you’re spending your summer indoors. Keep in mind that this haircut leaves your pup’s hair long so it will require daily maintenance. This means brushing the hair regularly to avoid tangling. 

7. Yorkie Summer Hairdo

Short-haired Yorkshire Terrier holds a rubber toy in his teeth. Games with a dog for a walk in the city. Summer hairstyle of a dog.

This haircut is the signature summer cut for Yorkies. It involves cutting the dog’s hair really short (almost to nothing). It’s mainly meant for Yorkies who tend to overheat during summer. 

The short hair keeps your Yorkies natural insulation to the minimum level. That said, if you decide to go with the summer hairdo, you have to be careful with how much you expose your Yorkie to the sun. The short hair exposes your dog’s skin to the sun, and they could even get a sunburn. 

Limit the hours your dog is exposed to the sun by taking them to the shade when it’s really hot. Additionally, ensure they can access cold water at all times. 

Which is the Best Yorkie Summer Cut?

There is no bad or good haircut; it depends on preference, budget, and lifestyle. 

For example, if you’re planning to go out a lot during summer, it’s advisable to keep your dog’s hair at short or medium length because it’s really easy to maintain. 

However, if you’re planning on shooting some videos, it’s better to give your dog a ponytail haircut or something fancy. 

Lastly, if you’re on a budget, go for easy haircuts like the puppy cut that you can do at home. Some Yorkie haircuts are complicated and best handled by a professional.  

Final Words

Summer brings so much fun to families. You get to go out, do pool parties, and sip all sorts of cocktails. When preparing for summer, you don’t want to leave your Yorkie out. One way to include them is by giving them the perfect summer cut. 

I hope you got a few ideas on some cool Yorkie summer cuts. I would also love to see other Yorkie summer haircuts ideas, so be sure to email them to me to and let me know if I have your permission to share them in this post.

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